Amway Vs Melaleuca

Comparing between Amway and Melaleuca

Both Amway and Melaleuca have similar business models where they have affiliate programs for people to sign up for a small fee, sale their products and earn a sustainable commission. Additionally, they encourage their members to sign up more people so that they can generate even more income. On paper, their business model look a lot like a pyramid scheme where one recruits other people who work under him/her and the more products they sale the more money the people at the apex of the pyramid earn.

Amway vs Melaleuca

Amway is the oldest of these two companies as it was started in 1959. It has been successful all those decades by selling high quality products. However, it is not until recently that it has seen an upsurge of demand for health and wellness products that has made it even more successful. More people have turned to their products although they are more expensive than the ones that are found on local drug stores.

As much as it has been successful, not all people that have signed up with the company have tasted as much or even a little success. Many people have failed at the business and have come out claiming that the company is just a scam. This is quite untrue and no one can confirm that they have been scammed. If one looks closely they will notice that the failure of most people is their own fault rather than the fault of the company or its business model.

Melaleuca was created much later in 1985, but it has enough experience to claim that their business model has been successful. The company offers health and wellness products to people with ailments such as arthritis and others. The demand for similar products has enabled the company to grow tremendously in recent years. This company also has an affiliate program where one can sign up and sale their products on the company behalf and earn a little income. Members can sign up other people to sell the products as well and earn them more commissions as a result.

Amway and Melaleuca have similar successful business models and have been able to sign up a lot people over the years. There are a lot of people that can claim that they have been able to create successful businesses from these companies. However, there are even more people who have failed at the business and keep on claiming that these companies have pyramid schemes that are just scams. These claims are quite untrue and have no basis whatsoever. So if you want to try out any of these two companies you shouldn’t hesitate. Just bear in mind that generating income in their business models requires your dedication and hard work.

One may have heard people saying that Amway offers a better business model than Melaleuca or the other way round. You should know these are just based on preference and trust. Both companies have been able to escape government scrutiny since their business model is practical and not a scam. You should read each company review and choose the one you prefer.

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