Is MLM a Reliable Business Opportunity?

There is a common stereotype that MLM business is a scam and it often raises a debate of whether it is reliable or not. One thing is for sure, the industry has been there a very long time and there are success stories even with the tainted name. The question we need to ask is how then would well-known companies like Amway be in business for over 50 years if network marketing was not reliable?

We don’t deny the fact that there are those companies that are outright scams and help in misleading people to misunderstand the business but MLM companies that are ethical and have employed the right network marketing to generate sales should not be dragged along. Legitimate companies on noticing this petitioned the government and it made a clear definition of what MLM is and created ethical practices that ought to be followed by all MLM companies. Pyramid schemes are an exception to these ethical practices.

MLM is an industry that is growing fast over time and even with the bumps along the way it is still a great way to create a personal business. There’re many legitimate MLM companies offering training for members to build their own business, nice compensation plans and all sorts of different products. Those people who miss the mark in this business don’t focus, don’t work hard and certainly think that it is quick and easy to make money. Many people jump into the business without researching the company that would be a god fit to work with. They end up blaming the business model of the company which keeps the tainted notion going.

There are many reputable companies that have innocently tarnished the MLM business reputation. This is because there are other companies that assure people of a profitable income and financial liberty soon after joining them, which mostly doesn’t materialize hence people end up not believing in them. With MLM business, to succeed one has to be determined, steady and have marketing skills that are attractive to people who will be good at network marketing. Without these, even with the promise of gaining financial freedom, it would not happen. It is not easy and quick to gain that profitable income as commonly thought.

The motivation and desire to retire early and have time to spend with family and friends may lure you into MLM business but the important question to ask is whether MLM business is a good fit for you as an individual. Would you be able to make it in this business? Most people end up thinking of the idea but drop it because their corporate jobs offers them security and there is assurance of a regular paycheck at the end of every month though the amount may not be satisfying they still stay in their corporate jobs. The question to ask is whether you’re happy with your job or would you rather be an entrepreneur with MLM?

If you’re ready to join MLM business, take your time to do ample research on the best company fit for you and remember to be persistent, consistent, keep focus and be patient.

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