Using the Holidays Wisely for Multi-Level Marketing

A lot of us don’t want to bore our friends and families with technical details of our business and how it works and how it would work for them at the dinner table during what is supposed to be a celebration. Although using the holidays as an opportunity to recruit your friends and family is what your organization upline leaders will encourage you to do, since this is the only time that you will see most of them, it sometimes doesn’t feel too comfortable or we forget how sensitive and thoughtful others may deem your actions.

In as much as the idea is to stay focused and build your business, it is important to maintain the same relationship with them and still get them to sign in with your business. There’re better ways to accomplish growth and share your MLM business and product ideas without seeming to pushy or too oblivious of the holiday festivities. Most people will avoid you or want to stay away from you once you start going on and on about your MLM business. It is therefore important to remember that not everyone will be interested in what you have to say so only bring up the business when asked about it. Also ensure you only say enough to get them to ask for more information.

After they’re done asking and they seem interested, thank them for showing concern and interest and suggest that that particular time and moment would not be the best place to talk and invite them for coffee or give them your contacts so that they can get more information some other time. You can even suggest to those who want additional information to get a copy of your promotional material like DVD’s and flyers later in another meeting after the holidays.

You shouldn’t get involved in other peoples conversations trying to listen in and suggesting solutions to their problems through your multi-level marketing. Rather, you can listen in for only topics that are related to your business since a lot of topics will be discussed. It will only be taken kindly if you ask a few questions to get a better view of the situation and simply mention as a by the way that you actually deal with similar products but you would be willing to do more research and gather information on the best solution to their problem. If you call them up the next time with information on your product, they may be willing to listen since you will only be acting on your promise.

Lastly, focus on sharing only a few details on your MLM business and not how much money you make or what you will do after you recruit your loved ones. Try as much as possible to keep the description short and precise since people didn’t come to listen to your business prospects rather to have a good time with the people they love. The holidays are definitely a good time to lay a foundation for the next year but keep in mind that most people may not welcome the idea but if you use the above steps, you will be sure to recruit as many relatives and friends into your MLM business without having to put in a lot of effort.

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